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  • up to 1 hour:
    Most moving elevator jobs are completed within 1 hour! Do you have 1 to 10 objects? If so, it can usually be done in 1 hour!
  • longer than 1 hour:
    For complete relocations, you will usually need several hours, this can include 2 addresses for example.
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0,- for a 0 hour purchase. Each extra hour costs you € 55,-.

For example, are there any obstacles that we should take into account?

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  • Our moving lifts are always operated by an accompanying operator.
  • Choose safety and quality. Choose an Approved Moving Elevator Service!
  • Dimensions 5.50 x 1.70 x 3.20 metres (L x W x H)
  • Load capacity 400 kg
  • Length ladder 30 meters (in many cases up to the 10th floor)